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'Monitoring' and 'Evaluation' are two words that frustrate and intimidate many development practitioners.

M&E is commonly viewed as a bothersome drain on their efforts to create positive change, and imposed simply as a means to satisfy bean counters sitting behind desks in Washington, London or Canberra. M&E is also too often a specialist game, dominated by wonkish methodological discussions and resulting in thick, technical reports that do little but collect dust. It is thus seen as inaccessible and irrelevant to program teams - since it is unable to provide timely and practical feedback for managers to make changes to improve effectiveness.

In short, M&E is often not useful. But what if we told you there was another way?

For our April event, Mark Fiorello, director of M&E-focussed social enterprise SOLIDARITAS will share insight into how evaluation can be made simple, effective and most of all useful for both program teams and donors alike. In this interactive seminar, Mark will show us how M&E can - and should - be more focused on users needs, and how getting back to basics is the key to doing M&E in a way that contributes to improved programming, and ultimately leads to better outcomes.

This event will have a practical and interactive focus, and is intended to be relevant and accessible to all development practitioners no matter their experience with M&E.

Let's make M&E great (again?)!

Free entry from 6pm. Talk to start at 6:30pm.
No registration required - first in best dressed policy!