Hi Everyone! Join us for October's event: Marine Conservation: Sharks, Rays and Mangroves.

This month we will be welcoming our guest speakers and ocean ambassadors from Conservation International:

- Bara Kalla

-Abraham Sianipar

Harmless, graceful and awe-inspiring, manta rays and whale sharks are not only the world's largest fishes, they are also outstanding ambassadors for their much-maligned cartilaginous relatives. For the past three years, Conservation International (CI) have used these charismatic species as an "entry point" for discussions and negotiations with local communities and local and national government in Indonesia on the ecological importance and economic benefits of conserving healthy populations of sharks and rays. This work has been all the more important in Indonesia given the fact that Indonesia for the past 32 years has held the ignominious recognition of being the world's largest fishery for sharks and rays.

CI has also been working with local communities to analyse blue carbon locked in the mangroves of West Papua; the last pristine mangrove ecosystem in Indonesia. This data will hopefully lead to better land management, policy and regulations, which in turn leads to both mitigating and protecting ourselves from climate change.

Join us on the 31st of October to learn more about West Papuan mangroves, sharks, rays and their place in the climate conversation!

ADMISSION AND ENTRY: IDR 40,000 per head. Guests will be admitted on a First-Come-First-Serve basis.

VENUE: Hause Rooftop, MD Place Tower 2, Setiabudi