10 million football fields of forests are currently sitting in palm oil concessions across Indonesia? Due to sustainability commitments and Jokowi's moratoriums on deforestation, these assets are 'stranded': unable to be developed.

In March, JDN hosted the authors of the acclaimed "Stranded Assets" report, on the future of sustainability in Indonesia. Our guest speaker was Eric Wakker, Co-founder of Aidenvironment Asia and Director of Corporate Sustainability.

Eric Wakker has 26 years of experience in tropical forestry and agricultural plantations in relation to governance, trade, investment and sustainability certification in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. He stood at the basis of the international discourse about sustainable tropical timber and palm oil, and worked on a range of policy initiatives and certification schemes such as FSC and RSPO. Eric has executed assignments for a range of local and global non-governmental organizations, investors and traders and donor organizations. Over the past two years, his work has been focused on assisting Asia-based palm oil planters and traders, as well as NGOs, to enable the transition towards sustainability in the palm oil sector.

Eric has been based in Asia since 2002, and co-founded Aidenvironment’s Asia office in Indonesia in 2009.

You can read the 'Stranded Assets' report here: https://chainreactionresearch.com/reports/indonesian-palm-oils-stranded-assets/