Development and social organizations have made noticeable strides over the last few decades, pushing into multiple areas dealing with public policy reforms, advocacy, and social development. 

Thanks to the advent of social media and new digital platforms, these days it would seem we are spoiled for choice on how we opt to communicate this work. Yet in an era of information overload and competing agendas, effective communication is not always realised.

When development organizations are squeezed for resources, splurging on marketing and publicity efforts can seem like a wasteful exercise. In effect, communications is a function that is usually relegated to the sidelines, but at what cost?

So, in September JDN decided to go back to basics and consider what clever and strategic communications can do for development and why it’s important to get it right, now more than ever.

Our Speakers Were:
- Patrick Searle - Co-Founder of GetCraft
- Ong Hock Chuan - Partner at Maverick Indonesia (formerly the managing director of Ogilvy Singapore)
- Rebecca Lake - UNDP Communications Advisor for the Good Growth Partnership

The event was also sponsored by AsiaWorks Media.