August marked our second JDNx event. Every three months, JDN events deviate from our usual speaker events to host a fun, more relaxed evening dedicating to mingling and meeting new people. In April we held a quiz night.  In August, JDNx held a Speed-Meet. And to make it more exciting we threw a BINGO game into the mix!

This event was for those keen on building their professional networks in the development and environment sectors.

The rules were simple. 
1. Guests were randomly assigned one of four colours
2. Guests were given one bingo card each consisting of 20 personal descriptions printed in individual squares. For example: I have a cat/ I am afraid of heights/ I am on LinkedIn
3. Once guests had their colour and card, they had to sit at a table with others assigned colours different to theirs
4. When the game started, each table was given three minutes to talk to each other. If one of the squares on a guest's Bingo card described the person they were sitting with, they had to write their name on the square. 
5. After three minutes, a bell would go off and guests had to move to the next table to meet the next group of people. The aim was to find as many people who fit the descriptions on the bingo card as possible

Three winners were announced! Last Row, First Five and All Boxes.